Fluence is a poster child of SNS’s value proposition to "get business owners out of the Finance seat".

Before SNS, the time our senior leadership team spent on our Finance and Accounting functions was pulling them away from strategic planning for the company and causing burnout. We had only been able to maintain our accounting and finance processes, without being able to improve them as we grew.

SNS has delivered best practices to our financial processes and surpassed our expectations. The changes they implemented have gone seamlessly, our turnaround on reporting is faster, management has much more visibility into the operations, and our team can now focus on deriving strategic value and insights from our Finance and Accounting processes instead of simply ticking reporting boxes. The SNS team is highly professional, knowledgeable, flexible, supportive, a joy to work with, and a key and valuable part of the Fluence Analytics team and operation.

I would and have recommended SNS without hesitation to other companies. What you get with SNS is professionalism, efficiency, streamlined processes and a real partner in the Finance seat.
Jay Manouchehri
Fluence Analytics, CEO and Board Director
Before working with SNS we were trying to grow, and the biggest piece missing was someone to track and provide financial insights – to be honest we didn’t know what the hell we were doing. No one could tell whether we were healthy and on track, or if alarm bells were going off and how long we had to get back on track.

That ambiguity and stress was ever-present until SNS came in with our monthly Accounting and Finance processes. SNS helped us think about all the data that tells the story of HumanSide’s success and helped us anticipate what we needed to know and be tracking. Our business is complicated, and SNS was able to come in, get creative, and think about how to use this data consistently.

We appreciate SNS’s patience, creativity, seamlessness, clarity, openness of communication – we’re humans working together to try to figure this out. At this point it’s so clean and clear – processes are so smooth, so efficient, and we feel smarter and capable at a level I have never experienced before.
Katie Greenman
Founder and CEO at HumanSide
As the owner of a small business with big aspirations, I was struggling to put together a big picture view of my finances relative to the growth of my business. I felt paralyzed because I didn't have the information I needed to make important decisions such as hiring new staff or how much debt to pay off. I was so lucky to find Series Next! They filled the gap between my bookkeeper, back office, and tax advisor. They took the time to collaborate with me to build a comprehensive model of my finances that allowed us to model out different scenarios and actually budget for my priorities. Series Next has been a great partner and an essential part of our growth strategy.
Charles Handler
Founder at Rocket-Hire

The problem we were having was that I, as the business owner, was spending too much time in the Finance seat. Part of that was because I like the FP&A part, but part of it was because we did not have an overall controller for the business. I also do not GWC the accounting aspects of the job or the process development piece. I felt like we were constantly spending time fixing mistakes. It was frustrating to consume both my time and my money to go back and fix mistakes, rather than doing things right the first time around. SNS’s product was different because they ran on EOS, like us, had a unique background that also included incorporating BI, and were hungry and energetic as an entrepreneurial start-up. SNS had a proven process that was well-defined about the phases we would go through as we entered into the relationship. 

Moments when we realized the SNS process was starting to work and solving problems:

  • The extremely positive feedback we received from our accounting team when they started working on building processes with SNS.
  • When SNS first delivered the forecasting model, allowing us to plan much more confidently.
  • When SNS developed and rolled-out our month-end close process. 
  • Having an SNS fCFO to advise us who is process-oriented, disciplined, so likable, and encouraging through the roller coaster ride of being a business owner.

Our SNS fCFO is now helping us hire and train a full-time financial controller.  I feel like we are already saving time of fixing mistakes and saving money in terms of extra CPA fees to “check/fix our books.” We are about to complete a year with almost 50% growth, and I hope to keep our SNS fCFO as part of our team for a while longer given the stability she brings and the overall leadership beyond her finance and accounting skills.

Brian Sampson
ServiceMaster Trifecta, President & Owner
When we first started working with SNS, we were a young, growing business that had never crossed the bridge into becoming a legitimate organization from a financial perspective. Every single day, it felt like the problem was getting worse, but we didn’t even know where to start when there were so many moving parts.

It felt great to hand the work off to folks who know what they are doing and could focus on the Finance piece exclusively. I could get out of the Finance role and knew it was being done the right way. Having SNS processes in place make what we do a lot more predictable, and we love the rhythm and consistency.

There is much less guesswork these days, because it’s clear where we are doing well or have a problem, and it’s so much better being proactive instead of reactive. My advice to other entrepreneurs is if you’re not doing the right thing on the Finance side, it’s worth the effort to get there.
Conway Solomon
CEO & Co-Founder at WRSTBND
Over the years I’ve worked with business owners as a CEO Coach or even an Integrator. One of the things I most often cross with CEO’s is they don’t often have good visibility into their financial numbers, which hampers them from being able to “manage by numbers”; thus greatly affects their profitability and growth. I found SNS and brought them in to assist with a client and they did an excellent job of helping to clean up the books and get good, meaningful numbers online for the owner (and leadership) to review in real time. Now this client will be able to quickly make more intelligent & profitable decisions.
David M. Bourgeois
Fractional CEO/CIO/Integrator

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