“As the owner of a small business with big aspirations, I was struggling to put together a big picture view of my finances relative to the growth of my business. I felt paralyzed because I didn't have the information I needed to make important decisions such as hiring new staff or how much debt to pay off. I was so lucky to find Series Next! They filled the gap between my bookkeeper, back office, and tax advisor. They took the time to collaborate with me to build a comprehensive model of my finances that allowed us to model out different scenarios and actually budget for my priorities. Series Next has been a great partner and an essential part of our growth strategy.”
Charles Handler
Founder at Rocket-Hire
“Over the years I’ve worked with business owners as a CEO Coach or even an Integrator. One of the things I most often cross with CEO’s is they don’t often have good visibility into their financial numbers, which hampers them from being able to “manage by numbers”; thus greatly affects their profitability and growth. I found SNS and brought them in to assist with a client and they did an excellent job of helping to clean up the books and get good, meaningful numbers online for the owner (and leadership) to review in real time. Now this client will be able to quickly make more intelligent & profitable decisions. “
David M. Bourgeois
Fractional CEO/CIO/Integrator

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