About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is getting business owners out of the Finance seat by delivering data-driven accounting and finance solutions to achieve more with less. Whether working with a founder to scale operations, or partnering with private placement investors on the growth ambitions of a portfolio firm, we release CEOs from worries about their Finance divisions, enabling them to focus on expansion.

Our Difference

We solve your financial dumpster fire.

Our high referral rate proves we solve pain.

We provide your future financial clarity.

Our data-focused tools validate your entrepreneurial intuition.

We talk finance in YOUR operational terms.

We deliver continued confidence that your measurables will connect to your financial outcomes.

Meet Our Team

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Elizabeth Stern

Fractional CFO

Elizabeth has extensive experience working with growing small and mid-sized businesses on accounting and process implementation. Prior to joining forces with Series Next, she ran her own eponymous firm focused on providing financial analysis, business process consulting, and outsourced accounting services. Elizabeth is also COO Emerita of a boutique investment management firm that manages back-office and accounting services for its corporate clients and private funds, as well as offering custom strategic and operational consulting services.

Upon joining SNS, Elizabeth served as Chief Operating Officer, built the process-oriented foundation for our Client Operations Division, and played an instrumental role in assembling our Client Operations team. Her current role as Fractional CFO allows her to provide firsthand insights into the needs of our clients and how our services should continue to evolve.

Elizabeth is originally from Columbia, South Carolina. She moved to New Orleans to attend Tulane University, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from the A.B. Freeman School of Business.

Isaac Marler

Fractional CFO

Isaac Marler works as a fractional CFO with Series Next Solutions focusing on successful business fundamentals such as cash flow, gross and operating profit, balance sheet leverage, liquidity, and receivables / payables consistency.

Isaac has 3 years of previous CFO experience in the healthcare and technology sectors; prior to his career shift, he worked in commercial banking for 20 years where he gained his skills of financial analysis, accounting, cash flow management, and lending.

Isaac has a Bachelor’s degree in finance from Brigham Young University and an MBA from Arizona State University.

Isaac lives in the greater Boise, ID area with his family, including four teenage sons and one daughter, where he employs his financial management acumen budgeting for the boys’ grocery consumption and furniture breakage.

Roger Chaufournier

Fractional CFO

Roger Chaufournier brings a wealth of experience in the CFO role, with a strategic mindset and a commitment to driving businesses forward while fostering positive social change.

His tenure at J.P. Morgan, where he led a team of analysts in Tampa, laid the groundwork for his role as the Financial Officer at The Ocean Atlantic Companies, where he was instrumental in crafting financial models essential for strategic decision-making, managing intricate investor relations, and ensuring the integrity of reporting structures. His role as a chief financial officer for NERDiT NOW, a Wilmington-based technology firm, underscores his ability to drive businesses towards both financial health and meaningful community contribution, demonstrated by initiatives like donating 10,000 computers to underserved communities and facilitating tech education for hundreds.

A lifelong learner with an MBA from Wilmington University and a licensed real estate agent, Mr. Chaufournier’s pursuit of knowledge is guided by personal core values of courage, temperance, justice, and wisdom.

John Marshall

Chief Executive Officer

As Founder and CEO of Series Next Solutions, John lives the small business entrepreneur life right alongside SNS’s clients. He is a leading expert in building a finance seat for $2mm-$10mm revenue companies who need to move on a path from having only a bookkeeper to having a true CFO. Series Next was formed in 2020 based on John’s prior experience as a full-time member of a scaling startup’s leadership team, where he built its finance, business intelligence, and operations functions, successfully preparing it for sale.

John was born and raised in New Orleans, though he spent time in several larger cities before settling “back home” in 2009. When he’s not at work today, he’s keeping up with his family of six at home and beyond.

Kendall Scales Glade

Chief of Staff

Kendall is a Fortune 100 and Big Four accounting alumna, and has worked in various roles both domestically and abroad. Her Finance background includes assignments in Venturing and Emerging Brands, Corporate Real Estate, Governance, Capital Management, and Internal Audit.

Kendall spent several years living and working in North Carolina, Georgia, and Germany before settling in New Orleans in 2019. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and German from Davidson College and a Master of Science in Accountancy from Wake Forest University.

Kendall also a member of the Board of Directors at Touro Synagogue, the Katz-Phillips Leadership Development Program class of 2022-2024, and the Glass Leadership Institute class of 2023.

Melissa James

Accounting Project Specialist

Melissa has a diverse background in bookkeeping and accounting for small businesses. Prior to joining Series Next Solutions, she ran her own bookkeeping business specializing in clean ups, audits and QuickBooks integrations. She is a QuickBooks Online Certified Pro Advisor and is also experienced in payroll, HR and other accounting software programs.

Melissa is originally from San Diego, California. She moved to Arizona to realize home ownership and enjoy many great outdoor activities.

Enrique Gonzalez

FP&A Associate

As a Finance Project Specialist at Series Next Solutions, Enrique leverages his expertise in Microsoft Excel and Power Query to build and maintain Financial Projections for SNS’s clients. Originally from Costa Rica, Enrique moved to New Orleans to study at Loyola University. He graduated Magna Cum Laude and received a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and Business Analytics.

Alec Uttamchandani

FP&A Associate

As a Finance Project Specialist at Series Next Solutions, Alec leverages his expertise in Microsoft Excel and Power Query to build and maintain Financial Projections for SNS’s clients. Originally from Cincinnati, Alec moved to New Orleans to study at Tulane University. He received a Bachelor of Science in Economics with a minor in Business Administration.