Scorecard Workshop

Experience the clarity of knowing what your company's results will be as they happen.

Our half-day workshop is designed to transform your leadership team’s scorecard into an actionable living document that tells you where you’re going today, not where you went yesterday.

Workshop Objectives

A leadership team scorecard that sings.

A common understanding of company financial fundamentals.

Tips and tricks to build a department-level scorecard

Facilitator: John Marshall Founder
& CEO, Series Next Solutions

John Marshall is the founder and CEO of Series Next Solutions, a fractional finance and accounting company that gets $2mm-$10mm businesses out of the finance seat. With extensive experience in data-driven decision-making, John believes in the power of weekly scorecards to align operational measurables with financial outcomes.

What To Expect

  1. Prep call, with COO and/or CEO
  2. Half-day workshop, on-site, with the leadership team
  3. Post-workshop checkup 60 days later, with
    leadership team (if necessary)

Who Should Be in the Room

Your company leadership team

Why Hold a Workshop

  • Get clarity on key measurables across all functions
  • Align department efforts with company goals
  • Develop actionable insights from your scorecard every week

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