EOS Companies

We bring a 21st-century approach to Finance and Accounting, enabling your company to scale its business without scaling overhead.

EOS Companies

At Series Next Solutions, we run on the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) and understand its value in driving organizational success for growing companies. That makes us a valuable partner for other companies that also operate on EOS.  Our approach focuses on integrating our solutions with your company’s V/TO and Accountability Chart. If you’re a Visionary or Integrator looking to RPRS every seat in your company’s Accountability Chart, then SNS is here to get you out of the Finance Seat. 

Here’s how our approach complements your company’s EOS toolbox:


We help your Leadership Team define appropriate measurables for the Company Scorecard, and implement a process to track them monthly.

The EOS Meeting Pulse™

Our monthly and quarterly Financial Pulse meetings are specifically designed and scheduled to complement the EOS Quarterly and Annual Meeting Pulse routine. Our Financial Pulse incorporates forward-looking monthly reviews and quarterly updates to rolling 36-month projections.


Our fCFO guides your Leadership Team as you set top-line measurables for the EOS 3-Year Picture™, 1-Year Plan, and Measurables ahead of your Quarterly and Annual meetings.

The Accountability Chart

Our fCFO works with your existing back-office team and CPA to implement Finance and Accounting processes that scale along with your organization.

Ready to scale?

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