We get you out of the Finance seat.

Series Next Solutions provides Fractional CFO and Controller services to growth-stage companies. We specialize in getting business owners out of the finance seat by delivering data-driven finance and accounting solutions to achieve more with less.

For businesses ready to take the next step in their growth

Congratulations! Your company has successfully navigated the startup phase and is graduating into its growth phase. With all the exciting opportunities for growth come a new level of business complexity, a more significant role for data and financials at the strategy table, and an increasing opportunity cost of the entrepreneur’s time. This is the perfect opportunity to transform your Finance and Accounting Function with the help of budget-friendly, executive-level expertise. The team at Series Next Solutions is here to help. 


We solve your financial dumpster fire.

Our high referral rate proves we solve pain.

We provide your future financial clarity.

Our data-focused tools validate your entrepreneurial intuition.

We talk finance in YOUR operational terms.

We deliver continued confidence that your measurables will connect to your financial outcomes.


Year of experiences

Our team of professionals is all trained, vetted, and …


Custom in-house services

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Call to make

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We won’t sub it out – we do it all right here in good ol’ New Orleans

Helping businesses synergize debits and credits AND bits and bytes

CFO For Hire

Combine your entrepreneurial intuition with executive-level Finance expertise. For a fraction of the price of a full-time hire, we round out your leadership team and illuminate metrics and financial results at strategic discussions.

Financial Modeling

Visualize the road ahead with a robust financial model as your guide. Our 36 month, driver-based financial models quantify your entrepreneurial intuition, helping take the guesswork out of strategic decisions for your company.

Business Intelligence

Harness the power of your company's data through business analytics. We build interactive data visualization tools that track key metrics, giving you a pulse on day-to-day operations.

Accounting & Reporting

Gain an accurate understanding of your business's performance. We clean up your books and records and implement close processes so that you can confidently rely upon your company’s financial statements.

How it Works

Step 1

Call us to get started! We will schedule a 30-minute intro call to learn more about your aspirations for your company.

Step 2

We schedule a 60-minute scoping call to learn how your Finance seat needs to evolve with your scaling organization.

Step 3

We deliver our proposal detailing the accounting and finance processes we will put in place—with the goal of getting you out of the Finance seat!

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Ready to scale?

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