Financial Modeling

We build pro forma financials to help inform your business strategy in the near-, mid-, and long-term. With our 3 statement, driver-based models, you’ll be able to simulate the impact of your strategic decisions on your company’s financial statements. 

How It Works

Our services includes:

  • Identifying and mapping key business drivers (e.g. labor, revenue, expenses, loans, capital expenditures, etc).
  • Building an Excel document that allows the leadership team to toggle those drivers in their respective input tabs to see the projected results over the next 36 months on the P&L, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows.

Ideal for: 

  • Leadership teams that need a set of 2-5 year projections for internal strategy sessions.
  • Companies requiring pro forma financials to provide to a potential lender, investor, or buyer.
  • Entrepreneurs needing answers to questions like “How many people will I need on my staff when my revenue hits X?”  “How much can I afford to pay myself?”  “If I tried to do Y, then would I need to raise cash?”  “If so, when would I be cash flow positive?”

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