Business Intelligence

Our Business Intelligence services mines data from your existing systems to produce forward-looking metrics automatically, guiding your team to focus on what is most valuable right now. Whether it is automating a process, evaluating a vendor’s integration capability, or implementing always-on reporting, we are a one-stop solution for adding meaningful intelligence to your organization.

How It Works

Our monthly subscription service includes:

  • Leading your team through defining metrics that drive performance. 
  • Building the reports that automatically drive always-on reporting. 
  • Ensuring that the right reporting proactively finds its audience, so people don’t waste time looking for information.


Ideal for:

  • Companies generating income of approximately $5 – $50 million annually.
  • Leadership teams that need a centralized, always-on location to monitor their companies’ main performance metrics throughout the day.
  • Businesses implementing EOS that need an efficient process to track data for their scorecards.
  • Organizations ready to evolve from being reactive to being proactive.

Ready to scale?

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