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Welcome to Series Next Solutions, where we have a uniquely positioned experience set to help firms harness their information to get things done in today’s world. Whether it’s finance, business intelligence, or process improvement, we look at issues as businesspeople and apply digitally-oriented solutions. Ultimately, we help firms mold their information assets into an efficient supply chain, which becomes the best back office employee they’ve ever hired.

Over the coming weeks and months, the team and I will post thoughts here on how we view the business world in the 2020s, and what we do for our clients. I hope that it will be useful to your own organizations, and that if the need arises, you’ll consider trusting us with your partnership.

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Man use calculators and documents that calculate expenses in the home office.

Where Is My Cash?

Cash moves in mysterious ways. In today’s post, we crack the code for growing companies so you can know where you stand.  My business is growing. Where is

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