Our Wish List for 2021

Tis the season! With 2020 being such a challenging year, we have been dreaming up a holiday wish list to look forward into 2021. Here are some things we would love to see in the next year.

Return of Business Conferences

We can dream, right? We look forward to the time when we can gather with clients, vendors, partners, and prospects to spend a couple days at a time “talking shop,” presenting our thoughts, pitching solutions, and most importantly listening to the businesses we service.

Plus, conferences usually mean travel. We do most of our work remotely – it saves clients money! – so business conferences are an opportunity to break out of the home market, see a new town, or revisit an old favorite. The pandemic brought us closer to our “pandemic families” this year, but we look forward to spreading our wings in 2021.

More Connectors in Zapier

Zapier has been a revolutionary tool in business productivity, bringing integrations into the hands of business users instead of relying on IT … if your software has built a connector on the platform. Its flexible system eliminates re-keying of information between systems and can even trigger communication via email or text. Does your invoicing system not offer automated reminders to late payers? Check out Zapier.

In 2021, we hope that more and more cloud software providers add themselves to Zapier’s platform.

More Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS)

We love working with EOS implementers like our friend Matt Hahne, who help businesses use simple, practical tools to achieve better results. We have seen EOS transform business leaders from decision bottlenecks into visionary leaders by delegating the day-to-day to their teams while elevating the business as a whole. Wow, that’s where we want to be someday!

More Small Business 401(k)s

401(k) management has moved into the cloud, enabling streamlined management even for the smallest of businesses. Using a safe harbor plan through Guideline, a business can setup their 401(k) with a few hours of effort, automatically integrate it with a payroll platform for contributions and matching, plus allow employees to allocate their funds through a self-service portal. For a monthly fee of only $39, plus $8 per user, it is a cost effective and efficient way to run a simple 401(k) and match larger competitors by offering the benefit.

Holiday Parties

The demise of holiday parties is being celebrated by some, but we certainly plan to hold ours in 2021. They are an opportunity to bond outside of work, have a nice free meal, recognize colleagues in front of their significant others, and reflect on the year’s accomplishments. As long as a member of the sales team does not end up in the fountain, what is not to love about such a gathering?

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